Do you want to build a better future?

Up to USD 6,000 in prizes!


The “Ideas for the Future” contest aims to capture the vision of young university students on the development challenges facing Latin America and the Caribbean.

A prize will be awarded for the best essay at the national level and the three best essays at the Ibero-American level. The Ibero-American winners will present their essays at the CAF Conference, to be held in November 2021, and may receive the following prizes:

Guillermo Perry Award: $3,000 (Three Thousand United States Dollars).

Second place: $2,000 (Two Thousand United States Dollars).

Third Place: $1,000 (One Thousand United States Dollars).


The theme of the essays should focus on the opportunities to create a sustainable recovery in Latin America and the Caribbean, which would aid efforts to overcome the health, economic and social crisis facing the region due to COVID-19.

Participants may approach this theme from different perspectives, for example:

Reconstruction difficulties from an environmental sustainability perspective;

The challenge of economic reactivation while ensuring countries’ macroeconomic sustainability;

The construction of more resilient and inclusive social protection systems for societies;

The creation of more robust health systems;

Integration and cooperation obstacles with regard to future pandemic mitigation;

The use of digital innovation as a tool to boost employment, education and the provision of social services.

The role of infrastructure investment in post-COVID recovery and alternative financing mechanisms.


In an attempt to keep his memory alive, and with it his intellectual legacy, at CAF we have wanted to pay him a tribute, closely linked to one of his greatest passions: the university